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DoveLewis is an accredited emergency animal hospital. In addition to the company's work treating animals, they produce world-class training materials in the form of videos, articles, quizzes, and certifications. SightWorks worked first with the Dove team to develop a pilot program to validate their idea that these training materials could be monetized outside their organization.

After a successful pilot, SightWorks was commissioned again to develop the full service e-learning system that today is On the Floor @Dove.

Much like a targeted at the veterinarian community, On the Floor @Dove supports a robust subscription based e-commerce model, corporate accounts, assignment and reporting tools for clinic managers, and a user interface that reflects real life 'on the floor' at an animal hospital.

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  • Online Training and Certifications
  • Videos, Articles and Quizzes
  • Subscription E-commerce Engine
  • Thousands of Active Members
  • Practice Manager Tools
  • Built on the SightWorks Platform


New revenue streams were created and continue to grow.

The monetization of their veterinarian clinic training content is now providing DoveLewis with additional and fast growing revenue streams that did not exist before the site launch.

DoveLewis has gained mind share as the thought leaders in their industry.

The high quality training videos, articles, and blogs that the company now produces and distributes from the site has served to position them as the experts in veterinarian related education and clinic management.

The company has gained high visibility on search engines.

The highly search engine optimized (SEO) site has rewarded the company with top of the list rankings for keywords and phrases that deliver a large volume of visitors who increasingly convert into paying customers.


Is there content or training materials that your company could monetize?

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