Insignia's PAM Campus

Reducing healthcare costs with online certification for caregivers

Patient Activation and Measurement (PAM) is a method for healthcare providers to assess a patient’s level of motivation for self-care. Patients who access the tools that help them manage their own health directly correlates to a drop in the cost of care for the provider. Insignia is a leader in providing PAM coaching and certification for caregivers, and sought out SightWorks to provide an online solution resulting in the launch of a provider-branded digital campus. Participating providers invite caregivers and support staff to complete their certification process while Insignia continuously adds value via regularly posted articles and PAM-related resources on behalf of providers.

Insignia manages all aspects of the learning experience with their custom digital campus

Comprehensive learning management apps support mobile-friendly learning and certification courses

Insignia Health uses DigitalXE to provide online education courses to its customers and partners.

+ DigitalXE Platform
+ SightWorks Media Server
+ Amazon AWS (infrastructure)
+ Strategy
+ Concepting and design
+ Project management
+ Training and support

About Insignia Health

In 2006, the Patient Activation Measure® and related works from the University of Oregon were transferred to Insignia Health. Their mission is to change the world of healthcare to be activation-focused because as activation increases, costs go down and quality and satisfaction improve.

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