The Pool & Spa House

Taking the digital plunge to increase traffic to multiple retail locations

Through a simple, yet effective marketing strategy combining location awareness, online consumer education, and audience-driven product categories, The Pool & Spa House has expanded their digital presence far beyond the competition. Offering a seasonal series of educational videos and staff-created knowledge quizzes, The Pool & Spa House was able to keep down marketing costs while also providing a beneficial online service to customers and vendors. As an added incentive, clients are given discount coupons upon completion of site quizzes, encouraging knowledge of proper pool and spa care, while energizing repeat and new business. Even in the off-season, The Pool & Spa House holds a relevant online presence through seasonal pool and spa education opportunities, positioning them at the top of industry-trending internet searches.

Digital hub for business apps, marketing campaigns and employee training

Repeatable consumer education campaigns with in-store coupons

Mobile ordering portal and document library for commercial accounts

Full-featured employee training and assessment application

The Pool and Spa House uses DigitalXE to manage its sites and apps.

+ DigtalXE Platform
+ SightWorks Media Server
+ Amazon AWS (infrastructure)
+ Google Tag Manager
+ Digital strategy
+ Concepting and design
+ Project management
+ Training and support

About The Pool and Spa House

For over 40 years, the Pool and Spa House has dedicated themselves to the perfect pool and spa. Their dedication to their customers drives them to constantly educate themselves on the latest advancements in their field, and pass that knowledge on to their customers.

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